Webinar – An innovative approach to thermal energy storage and self-sufficiency in buildings

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Roberto Garay, the RELaTED Project Coordinator (Tecnalia), will present the at the webinar  “An innovative approach to thermal to thermal energy storage and self-sufficiency in buildings”, organized by its sister project CHESS SETUP. The webinar will also have the special collaboration of the projects  and .

In this webinar the attendees will learn about the  system,奔驰宝马网站平台 a reliable, efficient and profitable system able to supply heating and hot water in buildings mainly form renewable sources. The empirical results of the pilot which have implemented CHESS SETUP system will be presented.

Then, RELaTEDD, SUNHORIZON and HYBUILD projects will also present their project and 奔驰宝马网站平台 regarding thermal energy storage, energy-efficiency and self-sufficiency of buildings.

At the end, you can participate in a Q/A debate part and know more about the topic and the projects presented.


11:00 to 11:05: Welcome to the webinar by moderator – Ariadna Caixach, CHESS SETUP Partner (Edenway).

11:05 to 11:10: Introduction to CHESS SETUP奔驰宝马网站平台 – Arnau Alcarcón, CHESS SETUP Project Coordination (Barcelona Ecologia)

11:10 to 11:20: Presentation of empirical results of CHESS SETUP and its approach to Thermal Energy Storage and Self-Sufficiency in Buildings – Arnau Alcarcón, CHESS SETUP Project Coordination (Barcelona Ecologia)

11:20 to 11:35: ReLATED Project – Roberto Garay, RELaTED Project Coordinator (Tecnalia)

11:35 to 11:50: SUNHORIZON Project – Alessandra Cuneo, SUNHORIZON Project Coordinator (Rina Consulting S.p.A)

11:50 to 12:05: HYBUILD Project奔驰宝马网站平台 – Sergio Valentino, HYBUILD Project Coordinator (COMSA Corporación)

11:05 to 12:30: Q/A Debate and Closing of the webinar

SAVE THE DATE: 19th of December from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

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Moderated by : Alice Dupuy

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