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Building case Studies

POST Luxembourg - Roost Logistics Center

Published 15 Jul 2019

奔驰宝马网站平台 The overall project involves the construction of a logistics center for the activities of Post Group Luxembourg's 奔驰宝马网站平台 Technologies (...)

Fivewin 奔驰宝马网站平台 and 奔驰宝马网站平台 Museum

Published 01 Jul 2019

奔驰宝马网站平台 The project is located 1.5 km south of the intersection of Zhengdeng Road and Southwest Ring Expressway in the Erqi District of Zhengz (...)

Oficinas Santa Catarina ( FINSA offices )

Published 28 Jun 2019

奔驰宝马网站平台 The new FINSA offices are situated within the FINSA 奔驰宝马网站平台 Park of Santa Catarina, which is strategically located in northern Mexi (...)

City case Studies

Master Plan of Sports and Recreational Equipment for the city of Bogota

Published 25 Jun 2019

The Mayor's Office of Bogota Capital District of Colombia, has more than 8 million inhabitants distributed in 20 locations, which pres (...)

Guangzhou Nansha Lingshan Island area

Published 23 Jun 2019

奔驰宝马网站平台 Nansha New Area is located in Nanrui, Guangzhou. It is located at the geographic center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (...)

Forest City

Published 23 Jun 2019

The Forest City Project is a comprehensive green smart new city project that combines high-end industries and infrastructure. Since (...)

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