Construction21 Editorial Board wants an informed debate to take place on sustainable buildings and cities, the real 奔驰宝马网站平台 to be known, evaluated, widespread by this website. Construction21 Editorial Board and moderators will do their best as impartial arbiters in the moderating process.

奔驰宝马网站平台This document aims to clarify the editorial policy, sets out clearly the ethical principles of a good contribution as well as what wouldn’t be accepted.

Ethical line

The urban services and construction industry is changing very fast and creativity expresses itself everywhere on the scale of urban planning, construction, materials and components. Construction21 is an open source collaborative network which aims to  share best practices and bring transparency in the market, in order to have best practices, prices, eco-design and energy efficiency devices compared.

The Editorial Board wishes to make clear what “real” sustainable practices are. The truth of yesterday can be questioned tomorrow in the light of new elements, a fruitful Life cycle assessment (LCA), an case study feedback. On the contrary, interested stakeholders can base their argument on a partial and incomplete assessment for commercial views. 


Construction21 aims to facilitate the best sustainable practices dissemination through the world. The platform highlights real innovative and performance systems to help them to find their market. Contributions in Construction21 may consequently promote a real sustainable development and must prove in a very exhaustive way their conclusions. 


奔驰宝马网站平台Real cost transparency is crucial, sustainable 奔驰宝马网站平台 have to meet the market. The Editorial Board supports free transparent market, especially on real environmental and technical performances and costs of 奔驰宝马网站平台.

奔驰宝马网站平台 to Information

奔驰宝马网站平台All information posted on Construction21 is made public, except when posted in private thematic communities. These communities are defined so and users are due to a responsible posting. Users from private thematic communities are asked to produce in due time for the whole Construction21 community a public analysis or a synopsis document on the topic they are working on.

Top  Priorities for Contributions

奔驰宝马网站平台Priority is given to the testimony of a successful experiment from an environment and economical point of view, well described to foster immediate use by users.

  1. Substantial contributions (technical or environmental improvements, social aspects or breaking immaterial organisational barriers)
  2. Scientific and economic analysis
  3. Synthesis with justified compilation of available data
  4. Projects and designers’ testimonies

Intellectual Property

奔驰宝马网站平台Submitted contributions must belong their respective authors.

The use, by Construction21 users, of these contributions (text, document, notes, review, photographs and videos or all resources) cannot give way to a payment of a copyright or any other remuneration.

So as to guarantee a participatory debate, users are free to post comments both on contributions and case studies.

奔驰宝马网站平台Multimedia (photos, videos, audio) associated with the contribution may be modified or optimized to meet the criteria of weight and / or sizes accepted in Construction21. In case of mismatch of the multimedia document and the context, the Editorial Board reserves the right not to post the media file.

Editorial style

奔驰宝马网站平台In the interest of the reader, the author will pay particular attention to choose an evocative title, write his sentences in a clear and comprehensible language, readable and without spelling errors.

奔驰宝马网站平台Contributions must be attached to the category that best fits (key words), either technical (construction systems, renewable energy, etc.) or social themes (performance contracting, regulation, etc.)

At last, writing Construction21 Editorial Board may, after notifying the author, correct some minor errors or inaccuracies provided that the corrections do not alter the meaning and scope of the contribution.


The author agrees that he will not (non-exhaustive list): defame, abuse, harass or threaten anyone, or violate the rights of others such as, for example human rights, the right to privacy, the right to human dignity, the right to intellectual property, copyright, and generally the rights of persons and property.


The conditions below summarize the reasons why a contribution will not be published:

  • Commercial or promotional Contribution (product and/or company)
  • Contribution too subjective, too focused or biased
  • Contribution which may be suspected of copyright infringement
  • Contribution not sufficiently documented
  • Contribution too short or too long
  • Contribution confused / unclear / illegible / containing too many spelling errors
  • Defamatory or pornographic contribution
  • A Contribution that has already been submitted
  • Contribution with allegations (describing inaccurate or unverifiable assessments)