Construction21 is a social media dedicated to all professionals active in the building and city sectors and interested in sustainability.
奔驰宝马网站平台Our objective? Get the vast majority of city stakeholders to adopt innovation and best practices of pioneers by making them known both at a national and international level.

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Connect to the sector’s word-of-mouth

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Thanks to an excellent SEO and a strong presence on social media (, , , etc.), Construction21 benefits from a strong audience.
Your customers and partners are probably already on Construction21, which generates around 700,000 worldwide visits a year from professionals interested in sustainability.

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Building Case Studies

Housing, offices, education, etc.

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Green 奔驰宝马网站平台 Awards

International contest of exemplary sustainable projects

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How to use Construction21?

As a web platform open to everyone, Construction21 is an information tool but also a tool to promote innovations to serve the whole industry.
It’s up to you to choose how you use it:

Get information

Free access to the news of the sector Benefit from the more advanced professionals’ feedbacks

Showcase yourself

Affirm your expertise by publishing articles, events, trainings or case studies… Buy promotional spaces


奔驰宝马网站平台 your company’s visibility on social media Affirm your commitment to sustainable cities

The Construction21 users

Kazuhiro Teranishi

Sekisui House

奔驰宝马网站平台In Japan, our company is well-known as eco-friendly, energy efficient and reliable. But not abroad. We joined the Green 奔驰宝马网站平台 Awards in 2017 and we were very happy to win a prize: the jury fairly understood what we do in Japan. It was very helpful to communicate with possible clients outside Japan.

Jane Oyugi

Sustenersol 奔驰宝马网站平台 Ltd.

奔驰宝马网站平台[…] There is a beneficial ripple effect to the Green 奔驰宝马网站平台 Awards competition, thanks to all the great opportunities it opened to our company by connecting us with supporting organisations and companies.

A national and international platform

奔驰宝马网站平台Construction21 international is at the core of a worldwide network composed of 12 platforms. In each country, professionals exchange information in their local language. The translation of case studies into French, Chinese, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, etc. gives all Internet users access to achievements from other countries. This platform in English completes the international vision. Present today in Europe, Northern Africa and China, Construction21 aims at a global development.

You are a national non-profit organisation aiming to accelerate building sector transition to green in your country? Please contact us: info[at]奔驰宝马网站平台.org

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